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the region’s trademark

The first step taken with the purpose of fulfilling the dynamic potential of the Sagres area began with the creation of a regional trademark.

A new visual identity has been created for the region by the “Mola Ativism” agency, considered to be ‘the best design agency of the year’ by Clube de Criativos; Portugal. The trademark is designed to reflect the distinct market position and features of this tourist destination.

This trademark is inspired by the region’s character, found in its historical and natural heritage and is also projected towards the future.

A distinct spirit of freedom and proximity to nature in the Brand’s future initiatives aim to reinforce this region’s potential as a tourist destination.

the values


Beaches and landscapes (both unique and untouchable), Historical Heritage (ranging from the fortress to the menhirs, this heritage is of great significance to world history) Gastronomy (the freshness of local ingredients).


The options (everything in one area: Historical heritage, Beaches, Landscapes, The National Park with its unique species, Sporting Activities – windsurfing, surfing, diving, walking, golf, etc, Entertainment / Cultural variety in the future).


Unexplored natural beauty, Beaches, Landscapes, Nature (sunsets, the moon rising, country air and smells), untouched Historical Heritage. A rough diamond – still in its natural state.

Local friendliness

The people and the atmosphere generated by the local environment. Sometimes the best things in life are the simplest things. This region is proof of this.


Sometimes the best things in life are the simplest things. This region is proof of this.


Land’s End (finisterre) and all the stories and legends associated with it. Menhirs. Pilgrimages. The natural environment, Sunset, Full moon, Star-spangled nights.

the market position adopted

Inspired in the idea of getting “back to basics” and the trends and interests of new tourists, the Sagres region has decided to adopt a perspective based on the pleasure to be derived from the “slow life”

Câmara Municipal de Vila do Bispo Promosagres